Knitting For Cancer

Knitting for cancer is a 100% nonprofit  organization (zero administrative fees) that knits/crochets hats and blankets for cancer warriors using the softest yarn on the market. Cancer treatment often leaves warriors feeling cold from head to toe and it causes sensitive skin.

Jennifer Bystricky was inspired to found Knitting for Cancer in 2019, two years after her mother, Linda Coffman, fought a courageous battle with cancer. Linda had breast cancer which spread to her lungs. Jennifer was her caregiver until the end, April 16, 2016. Linda’s loving and caring spirit lives on through Jennifer and Knitting for Cancer.

At Knitting for Cancer, every donation is put back into the organization; everyone is a volunteer. The organization has over 70 volunteers. In two years we’ve brought comfort to over 6,000 cancer warriors. Help us warm these special warriors with a donation from you. Donations cover purchasing the materials to personally deliver the comfort packages directly to cancer warriors and cancer centers all over the world.

Knitting for Cancer Events

Jennifer teaches how to knit using a loom she provides. She teaches four classes, including how to knit hats and blankets, and learning new designs. All skill levels are welcome. It’s a great way to meet people while contributing to an important cause. This program benefits both parties: goods are made for donation and the people who knit receive personal reward for the work they produced.

One program for knitting is at Grafton Correctional Institution. At GCI, an inmate first earns the right to enter the program. Eleven are currently in the knitting program. The inmates cite benefits such as: team building, concentration, sharing in a community, and spreading cheer to others. They loved it so much that other gifted inmates painted the Knitting for Cancer logo on a wall.

Another program is having Jennifer teach knitting at senior living facilities and nursing homes. At one senior living complex a woman said, “It saves us from some of the stressful drama here.” It keeps their minds active and enables them to socialize with others. It creates and builds a special community for them.

Teaching individuals and prisoners to knit goes far beyond knitting hats and blankets for warriors. These activities of togetherness lowers blood pressure and is a coping mechanism for many their minds off their current situation. It provides conversation and a community environment to their otherwise lonely state.

Knitting for Cancer is all about helping more than just cancer warriors, we’re helping seniors, prisoners, and others by doing our teaching classes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hats and blankets to cancer warriors in need. Jennifer started Knitting for Cancer to give back to those who suffer from cancer like her mother did. Many cancer warriors deal with constant pain brought on by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Warriors are often left with chills and sensitive skin. Knitted hats and blankets are the best way to keep cancer warriors warm in chilly treatment rooms. Please, help us provide a simple solution to a heartbreaking problem.

(Every little bit helps, even a dollar)

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