The story of how I got started, started back in February 2019. I have fibromyalgia and to cope with the pain I like to knit. I needed something to knit for and I got this burning desire to start knitting hats and blankets for cancer patients. So I thought of donating it to the church thinking they will get it to the right people. When I started donating to the church they asked me to start a ministry. I decided against that because the donations would be split. So I decided the best way to be able to have 100% of all the donations go right to the cause was to start a non-profit.

So February 28th, I started the paperwork and I was approved by the state and IRS March 15, 2019. And I’ve been a 501(c)(3) since then.

I’m doing this to help with the comfort of cancer patients. I was the caregiver for my late mother, Linda Coffman. I went through what she went through when she battled for 3 years. I was able to understand everything that she was going through and when she described the pain and the burning sensation from the chemotherapy, we did everything we could to try and help her be comfortable. So I knitted her hats.

Her pillowcases were so scratchy that she actually wore my hats because I used a super soft yarn to bed to keep her more comfortable. So I know that the material that knitting for cancer uses is only the softest of yarn because I know how easily their heads are so sensitive. By going to chemotherapy with her, I learned how cold it was in those rooms and they keep it so cold because of the spreading of germs. You do not want germs around people having chemotherapy because their immune systems are down and they can easily get sick. So they have to keep it at 60 degrees. This is what the blankets are for.

I don’t have the education to be able to cure cancer but if I can make it more comfortable, that is what Knitting for Cancer is all about. And making sure that these blankets and hats being made with this special soft yarn gets to the cancer patients. To bring them a little comfort in such an awful time. To show them that someone cares for them to make something homemade for them. And this is why I started Knitting for Cancer.